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…a new beginning

Realising the time has come to move into residential care, for whatever
reason that may be, is probably one of the most difficult decisions to make.
But life doesn't have to stop the minute you cross the threshold of your
chosen care home. It will be the beginning of life, the making of new friends, to socialise and enjoy each other's company, maybe a trip out, a varied and interesting activity programme for those who wish to join in or peace and relaxation for those who choose it.

Residents will be encouraged to preserve independence and will be offered the opportunity of steering the direction and details of their own lives. Their views and those of their relatives or guardians will be actively sought to ensure continuity of high levels of care and service.

Bay House Care

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Your Care
In Our Hands.

Underlying all the statements we make is a conviction that those who live at Bay House do so with dignity and respect from those who support them. They live with no reduction of their rights as citizens and are entitled to live as full and active a life as their physical and mental condition will allow.

At Bay House Care.

As you enter the home a bright elegant reception area will welcome you. The smells of home-cooked food, background sound of classical and jazz, a comfortable seating area and a warm friendly smile to greet you. The residents lounge is vast, light and airy with pockets of private areas to spend the day. The sun-drenched conservatory overlooks the heated pergola, landscaped patio and garden areas. Residents can enjoy drinks on the patio in fine weather whilst watching a game of bowls on the green just behind.

Philosophy of Care
& Our 5 Star Values

Individuals receive the level of care, which their own situation requires. Our care meets high standards and satisfies the full range of physical, clinical, personal, social, spiritual and emotional needs of the individual. Good food is important to most people. Choice of menus, special and dietary needs will be catered for. As a home from home, residents will be encouraged to entertain their own guests and invite them to join them for lunch or an evening meal. Quality of life may change but is just as important in later years.

The care you deliver is above and beyond your call of duty. We cannot ask for anything more. Thanks again

Mr. & Mrs. M - Norman’s Bay
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