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Philosophy of Care

Philosophy of Care

Mrs Tanya Goddard, a fully qualified Registered Nurse who has been with us since 2008 is Bay House’s Home Manager. Her approach to caring for the residents at our home bears the highest standards.

Individuals receive the level of care, which their own situation requires. Our care meets high standards and satisfies the full range of physical, clinical, personal, social, spiritual and emotional needs of the individual.

As physical activities become more restricted, life fulfilment depends more upon comfort, congenial company and good care. Moving into care is the beginning of another stage of life: making new friends to socialise with and share peaceful moments with.

Good food is important to most people. Choice of menus, special and dietary needs will be catered for. As a home from home, residents will be encouraged to entertain their own guests and invite them to join them for lunch or an evening meal. Quality of life may change but is just as important in later years.

Our 5 Star Values

Privacy & Dignity

We recognise that life in a communal setting and the need to accept help with personal tasks are inherently invasive of a resident’s ability to enjoy the pleasure of being alone and undisturbed. We, therefore, strive to retain as much privacy as possible for our residents. Disabilities quickly undermine dignity, so we try to preserve respect for our service users’ intrinsic value.

Choice & Control

Residents have their own individual private space. They have the opportunity to choose how they dress, what they eat, when they go to bed & get up and how they spend their day. Residents determine how they want to be addressed by staff, other residents and visitors to the home.

Diversity & Individuality

Even though residents are living at Bay House with other people, they remain individuals with their own likes and dislikes. Staff are responsive to the requirements of individual residents. Ethnic, cultural, social and religious diversity is recognised as an integral part of home life. Residents feel that their needs are responded to willingly by staff who understand the value of maintaining a sense of continuity and identity based on past traditions and practices.

Safety & Risk Taking

Residents are kept safe and feel safe. Wherever possible, fears and anxieties are acknowledged and relieved while recognising at the same time that over-protectiveness and undue concern for safety may lead to infringements of personal rights. Responsible risk-taking is regarded as normal and important in maintaining autonomy and independence. Residents are not discouraged from undertaking certain activities solely on the grounds that there is an element of risk.


The environment, facilities and services offered enable and promote the residents’ ability and opportunity to fulfil all aspects of their life and goals and ambitions – both long-standing and new.

The care you deliver is above and beyond your call of duty. We cannot ask for anything more. Thanks again

Mr. & Mrs. M - Norman’s Bay
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