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Your Care in our Hands

Underlying all the statements we make is a conviction that those who live at Bay House do so with dignity and respect from those who support them. They live with no reduction of their rights as citisens and are entitled to live as full and active a life as their physical and mental condition will allow. Whatever their age, whether sound in mind and body or experiencing disability, residents have a fundamental right to self-determination and individuality. We aim to achieve this by sensitive recognition and nurturing of that potential in each individual and by an understanding that it may change over time.

Person-Centred Care

Our Person-Centred approach to care provides people with styles of personal care which allow them to make choices and take control of all aspects of their lives.

Being person-Centred is about listening to and learning about what people want from their lives and helping people to think about what they want now and in the future.

We will adapt our care so that we can respond flexibly to important, clearly held values among older people as individuals.

Responding to residents’ requests on an individual basis may offer a much better route to high quality care than applying a single definition ofquality to all service users.

Sometimes a response to an individual’s request can bring major gains for a resident’s morale and quality of life.

“Individuals are the experts on their own situation.”

We aim to provide Person-Centred Care by:

Ensuring that our care team is well-balanced with a mix of skills, flexible, sensitive and understanding.

Attending to the Essential Ordinary

a carer and a ladyWe have the chance every day to help the people in our care. We reflect on the daily round of common, ordinary, everyday activities of living that is often taken for granted such as eating, sitting down, sleeping and bathing. It is true that these essential acts of being human are not given much thought until something turns up which restricts or prohibits one from doing them.

In many ways the individuals in our care are experiencing restrictions of their ability to engage independently in the activities of life which are fundamental, and these we see as the “essential ordinary.”

Our Care Team not only do the small things, they do the right small things, those which are important to each individual. To be meaningful even the simple caring gestures need to be individualised. When our team attend to the unique likes and dislikes of our residents, they are individualising the care they are delivering. The individual is seen by our Care Team as a whole person who does not just need to be cared for, but a person who deserves to be cared for in a respectful, gentle manner that acknowledges their unique identity.

The care you deliver is above and beyond your call of duty. We cannot ask for anything more. Thanks again

Mr. & Mrs. M - Norman’s Bay
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